All or nothing checkbox in Scene Update dialog

Update only one or a few items in more than one scene in Scene Update dialog is a common task. It would be nice to have a check-or-uncheck-all checkbox

If you right click the scene tab you can update all properties without being asked for them.

Sorry, didn’t make myself clear.
I frequently update camera position to be the same in several scenes.

  1. Select more than one scene
  2. Update Scene dialog
  3. Uncheck all but Camera
    Sometimes I do this a lot and unchecking is tedious

You don’t need to use the update button. You can just select the scenes, un-tick the Camera Location checkbox and re-tick the Camera Location checkbox and the property will be updated.

Yeah, this part of the UI could be a bit more intuitive…

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Well, I’ll be damned! Who could have known.
You just made my day.Kudos!
Any more need-to-know gems like this?

You cna check out the D’oh thread at SketchUcation.

It is even printed as a book :stuck_out_tongue: .

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