"Copy" Camera Location, and only Camera Location, from one scene to another

I have a building model with a set of 5 options - A thru E. These are accessed by having a scene for each one controlling Tag visibility primarily, They should all have the same Camera Location. I want to change the Camera Location, and only the Camera Location, in all of these scenes. When I have updated the Camera Location in the first option, how do I transfer this change in the other 4 options without affecting any of the other scene variables?

I did read DaveR’s “Update Camera Location in All Scenes at Once” post, but did not get the desired result. Regardless of whether I checked all variables but Camera Location or checked only Camera Location, I ended up with all of the selected scenes looking just like the one where the Camera Location change was made, including Tag changes, etc. - they all became identical.

Help please. No urgency. SU Pro V 22.0.354 Windows11

Did you make this selection in Properties to Save or Properties to Update?

Here I’ve selected the five scenes highlighted in gray and then clicked on the Update button at the top left corner of the Scenes panel. In Propeties to Update, I’ve deslected all but Camera Position. If I click on Update, all of those scenes will show the current position of the camera.
Screenshot - 2_7_2023 , 5_20_36 PM

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Yes, I did the Properties selections correctly.

However, I thought I needed to make the Camera Location adjustment after I had selected the desired scenes to be updated.

So, when I adjusted the Camera Location prior to picking the additional scenes, then selected the other scenes, and then selected only the Camera Location, all worked as designed, planned, and intended. Twas a simple sequence problem.

As always, THANKS Dave.

(Yes, I know I am shouting; you deserve the heaps of praise.)

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The fastest way to do this is:

  1. Highlight all scenes you want aligned.
  2. Unselect camera location then select it immediately.
  3. You’re done…do NOT hit update.

You can do this for all parameters. Just don’t hit update.