Scene properties all updated in error

I selected 40 scenes where I only wanted to update the ‘visible tags’. I unchecked all ‘properties to save’ except for the ‘visible tags’, however all of the properties saved anyway. So now I have 40 scenes that are all the same and have lost all of my camera locations.

Hi Diane,

Since you were updating the scenes you needed to uncheck the properties in Properties to Update instead of Properties to Save.

The Properties to Update panel opens when you click on Update at the top left of the Scenes panel.

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That happened to me a couple times in the past, the worst about it is that there’s no undo for this kind of things, you should’ve done as Dave told you, the only solution besides doing all over again is close the file without saving and open again to a version where you had all your scenes with the correct position of the camera, if you already saved that option may be gone forever as well.

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ok thanks Dave. What a drag hey lol. Oh well I seem to learn the hard way and this is one of them.

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Thanks for the information Francis. It’s exactly as you suspect - gone forever.