Scenes not functioning as set up


I set up a few interior perspective scenes. Somehow my scenes crossed wires with Google Earth and my rendered
site. Now when I click the interior scene it goes to some distant exterior view of my house design. It is doing this on all of them.

Thank you for your assistance.


You can choose which properties to update on a scene or even set of scenes. If you want to change just the view, go to that view then single click on the scene in the list (note that double click activates the scene). After selecting, click the update scene button, next uncheck all the properties except Camera and click OK. Just the camera position of the scene should have been updated.

you can also update scenes via right clicking on the scene tabs at the top of the window but you will not have the option to choose which properties. All saved properties will be updated if you go this route.


whoops i forgot to mention that your issue sounds like you accidentally moved your entire model. Are all your scenes off by about the same distance?


Thanks. Hope this works