Scene settings not working properly

My scene settings seem to be not working properly - or at least how I understand that they should work, Dave.

I was intrigued by Aaron’s recent video on Scenes and in particular on updating scenes using not “all” of the possibilities. He used the Camera setting in particular to create a scene tab that would change only the camera position.

I made some tabs like this, turning off all the settings other than camera position. This seemed to work fine.

I then tried to create some additional, more traditional scenes involving tag control, etc. I adjusted my screen image, made a new scene, hit update, selected virtually everything option (because it came up with only camera position ticked), and hit return.

I then went to create a second traditional scene. I adjusted my screen image, made a new scene, hit update, selected virtually everything option (because it TOO came up with only camera position ticked, even though my last activity had been to save a scene with everything checked), and hit return.

When I went to another scene and came back to the first traditional scene (one that should have been saved with everything), it was not correct, and I am not sure what or why the image was what it was. It was not what I had saved/updated prior to going to see other scenes.

Something in visiting the other scenes triggered something.

Help, please.

Hi there. Are you addressing your question to me?

Could you send me a PM with your SketchUp file? Click on my name and then “Message”.

I’m just headed out for a little bit but I’ll look when I get back.



I will. But, there is no urgency. We have some friends coming over for cards this evening, so it may be tomorrow.

I’m a little embarrassed though. This is a little piece of furniture/architecture and my SketchUp model is loaded with abbreviations, acronyms, multiple components, etc., etc., etc, as Willy Wonka would say. I’ll try to narrow the scope down to the specific scene tabs that are problematic.

It’ll be interesting to see if you can figure this out - the SketchUp problem … and the purpose of the project.


Enjoy the cards and send the file when you can. Better to send it as it is. I won’t give you a hard time about it. Or at least not a real hard time. :smiley:

I’m up for the challenge.