Pre saved scenes problem

Whenever I double click and edit the angle of the camera inside layout manually I cant then get back to a pre saved scene in SketchUp?

And how exactly do you try to select/revert to a saved scene?

by Right click, scene, then choose scene

It only works fine in the start, but once i double click and edit the angle manually and want to get back to the pre saved scene, it wont work

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Once you “double click and edit the angle” you are overriding the Camera properties for the scene. You are tettling LayOut you don’t want the scene’s original Camera properties. This will override scene Camera properties for other scenes, too. Don’t edit the “camera angle” in the viewport in the first place and you won’t have the problem. Set up your scenes in SketchUp as needed. If you need a different camera position, modify the scene in SketchUp and update the reference in LayOut.