Changing Favorite component and material browser folders

In SketchUp Pro 2020 is there a way to remove or hide all of the Component and Materials default folders? (windows 10)

Our design team have created custom libraries, but having these folders displayed within sketchup is can be confusing for people.

…not to mention it is a bit iritating to keep having to force the Browsers to display our custom library location (via the favourites shortcut). This happens frequently.

I can’t figure out how to do away with them or, alternatively, edit them so our custom components are loaded into those folders. Is there a way to acheive this in 2020?

Or maybe is there a better way to set up Components and Materials for large sets of multi-user libaries?


The default libraries reside in the (hidden) ProgramData folder, somewhere in the Content/Resources.
Each install/upgrade would restore them.
But batch commands could replace them, or even set up Trimble Connect Sync ( haven’t tried)

Fun fact: you can also create your own corporate style:


Well I just discovered that you can go to the browser and select “Remove from Favourites” for each of the folders. I will use that technique for now.

I couldnt find the specific ProgramData location and am reluctant to go messing around since we’re just in the process of deploying SketchUp 2020.

Trimble Connect didnt work well for us when we tried last (and SketchUp was taking so long to load wih a large library of materials & components (about 8gb worth). We do have a network drive for shared components, but each user needs to copy everything to their local folders on a regular basis. It’s too slow otherwise.

I find that the second pane in both materials and components more stable, it retains the folder locations whereas the first pane seems always to go to the warehouse and the default colors, so I use the first for home, in model by one click on icon then access my folders below

Hi Sam, did you figure out how to remove all the defaults materials from the tray?