Migrating material and component libraries into Sketchup Pro 2018

Hi I just upgraded to SU Pro 2018 and I am trying to migrate the material and component libraries in to the 2018 version. Unfortunately the Materials folder, Components folder and Styles folder seem to be missing from C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018. Where can I find the folders so that I can migrate my much valuable libraries built over the past versions? Need to do this asap, thank you.

In old SketchUp versions these Collections were in your Program Files folder, but frequent problems with PC permissions have meant they got relocated to other locations where you have full permissions to read/write…

In your earlier version where were these collections located ?
You choose the destinations in Window > Preferences > Files.
What is listed there in the earlier version ?
Unless it’s a very old version using subfolders in Program Files, it’s likely to be something like:
C:/Users/YourUsername/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp NNNN/SketchUp/Materials
[…/Components …/Styles …/Classifications etc]
The same path as your User Plugins folder etc…

Simply copy those subfolders into the equivalent …/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp subfolder.
You then need to ensure the entries in v2018 Window > Preferences > Files match those subfolders…

You do not see folders in the AppData tree unless your Folder Options is set to show hidden files. However, you can access it directly by typing / pasting the full path into a Windows Explorer browser.

Another alternative location could have been set up to YourUsername folder or YourUsername/Documents folder. In this case no subfolder copying is needed, just ensure the correct paths are shown in v2018 Preferences…

Note that your Templates subfolder must always be in the AppData path…

Also note that newer SketchUp versions ship with some of these subfolders, they are no longer in the Program Files folder, now these are in the hidden tree:
C:/ProgramData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Materials etc
Normally you should NOT add/change files in these subfolders, which are reserved for SketchUp’s own use…

Thank you for the reply, which I missed seeing earlier. I have migrated
from 2015 version and everything has been inside Materials and Component
folders inside program files. Now that I have 2018 version, it would be
great if I can be guided on the steps of what to do to migrate. Do I
simply copy these folders from under program files and then paste in any
chosen folder and give that as the path in Preferences/files?

Thanks to the guidance, I have been successfully using my .skp components through the “open or create local collection” of component browser. However the same doesn’t seems to be working for materials. Only the folders are showing up and upon opening the folders are blank. Can someone help please, what is the mistake I seem to be making?

I realized my mistake. The folders I had reference contained only jpg images whereas I needed to reference the sketchup material files. I copied the material files from the subfolder as informed in the earlier response and all the materials are now accessible. Thankyou.

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