Importing component library from 2016 to 2017

I’ve done the upgrade to 2017 how do I move my component library from 2016?

Where is your component library now?

I have my local component libraries in Documents so I don’t need to move them. I just point the new version of SketchUp to the folder. In SU2017, you can set file paths in Preferences. You can also go to the Components window and use open or create a local collection in the Details menu (to the right of the search box) to open the library.

If you just want to move the library from one location to another, use Finder. Find the folder and drag it to the new location.

This is along the same vein as the original post, and your comment makes sense; however, I don’t seem to get the same results as you described. In the “Preferences” dialog box, I pointed to a folder I created on an external hard drive where I want to house all of my components. With each update to SketchUp, I want to simply point to this same folder. My component folders are nowhere to be found in the “Components” panel. What am I missing here?

Hey Jerry!

First, it’s not a great idea to use an external drive for this due to potential access time delays. It’s not so bad to use a second internal drive, though.

In the Components window, open the Details menu and click on Open or Create a Local Collection. Select the Components folder and click Open. Then in the Details menu, click on Add to Favorites.

You can do the same thing with Materials and Styles, too.

Thanks, Dave! Point taken. I do have a second internal HD that can be used for that. Your method worked perfectly and I now have quick access to the folders.
Now, can you explain why the pointer I added to this folder in my preferences is ineffective? What is that really supposed to be used for?

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That “pointer” should tell SketchUp where to save components when you right click on them and choose Save as… It doesn’t tell it to populate the list in the Components window. If you followed my previous instructions exactly, you should see a folder for Components. My guess is you’ve got folders inside that Components folder so you can sort the components by type. You could open that Components folder and select one inside it and add that to your favorites. (actually you don’t have to open the local collection before adding it to the Favorites, either. I wanted you to see both options.) I have folders for knobs and pulls as well as for things like hinges, screws, and some special dynamic components I use for specific clients. In the same way, I have materials folders for different species of wood. Each folder is a favorite so they can be directly accessed.

That pointer you created can only go to one folder anyway and as above, you’ll likely want to add more than one in the list.

FWIW, I don’t save components using the right click, Save as… method. Instead I drag them from In Model to the desired library by opening the secondary pane in the Components window. I usually find it’s quicker to access the desired location that way than navigating to it in the Save as… window.

BINGO!! Yes, I did as you instructed, and the Components folder with its sub-folders are visible in the “Favorites” list now. As suggested, separate favorites will be saved as a more direct method to sort the various elements (water valves, sewer manholes, signs, light poles, etc.). Good idea about dragging components to their target folders rather than Save-as. Might as well leave the pointer’s default location where it was.

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