Cannot drag components to different libraries using 2016 Pro

After I create a new component library, I can’t drag and drop a component from the model library to my new library. When I select the component I wish to move I get the circle with the diagonal slash through it and nothing happens.

It seems some confusion about the term “Library” that I used . Apparently the the term “Library” is archaic and now is referred to as a “Collection”, as it refers to a “Collection of Components”.

Hi Rubygomez, I have the same problem.

Into which library/collection are you trying drag the new component? Where is it located? If you are trying to use one of the SketchUp-supplied libraries, those are located in Program Files on the PC which is locked up by Windows to prevent unauthorized access. You can change permissions to allow writing to those libraries but it’s much better to create your own folders in Documents or someplace else that is writable.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Unlike materials, when you do it with components the folders are linked to 3d Warehouse.

I’ve managed to save components ok using right click “Save As” method where I save to specific folder under My Docs and then load in components “collection” from SU components window. I just tried the “better” method of dragging and dropping into folders using two Components windows and it gives me the circle with diagonal line icon. I guess now the folder is there due to me loading it plus saving as favourite component it might work but haven’t actually tried it yet. I might have to go make a component quickly and try it. I’ll be back. I’m also having an issue with Claiming Credit for component. Have posted on another topic and not sure how to link in reply. Be nice to sort that one too.

Thanks for quick reply DaveR.

Where do you get that? They don’t have to be linked to the 3D Warehouse. I have many folders/libraries/collections of components of my own. None of them have anything to do with the 3D Warehouse.

Unless you loosen the security restrictions on the folders for components in Program Files, you can’t drag new components into them.

I pretty new to SU so bear with me. Maybe I’m referring to the Components Sampler/Dynamic Component folders on pull down menu? When you select one it shows the SketchUp Box icon opening to the 3D warehouse, take a few seconds sometimes. I didn’t mean all of them (collections) are linked to this just these folders. And if you haven’t added folders to you collection they won’t show up yet and no other options? Would this be correct? Now that I’ve created my own folder collection it might work, just haven’t tried it yet.

How do you do this?

No. it’s not referring to a collection in the 3D Warehouse. Those are local collections included with the program and located in the Program Files SketchUp folder.

If you haven’t created your own folders then no, they won’t show up. You can create your own local collections which amount to folders perhaps in the My documents folder or some other directory you choose. After you’ve created your own collection folders, make sure to add them to your favorites by selecting that option from the Details menu.

You need to access the Security tab in the Properties window for the folder. It isn’t a good idea to put your own collections in the Program Files SketchUp folders because they will get overwritten if there’s a maintenance release or, if you have some reason to uninstall SketchUp, you’ll wind up uninstalling your components folders, too. Better to put them in My Documents.

Thanks DaveR. Yeah, I tried putting them in the program folders and they kept disappearing so I’ve learnt to create my own folder now. I had a look at the Security Tab in properties for the folder and as far as I can tell everything appears in order. By this I mean I should have permission to do anything on this laptop as I’m the only user and have Administration Access to everything (or so I thought). I’ll have another look at it.

Having admin access isn’t enough. Those directories are locked up to prevent them being written to by those with malicious intent. In the process, even you as administrator get locked out unless you change the security settings. Of course if you open them up that way, they’ll be open for the bad guys, too.