Drag and drop on Component Window fails. What's wrong?


Hi everybody.

I’m following a tutorial which asks me:

  1. Draw a window and make it a component.
  2. Make several copies of it (using copy or drag and drop from components).
  3. Choose one and make it unique.
  4. Save the two components from “in model” to my hard drive as a collection.
  5. Choose another one and make it unique too and make some changes.
  6. Now add this third component to the collection I made using drag and drop.

But 6) step doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


It looks to me as if the one you should be dragging up to the collection is the one on the left in the In Model collection.

The one you’re dragging up appears to have the same name as an existing component in the collection. Try changing the name of the component.


And unless you painted your component bright green, it looks like your faces need to be reversed. Just a tip.


Sorry, I still don’t get it.

I will keep trying.


More simple but still same problem :frowning:


Ok, seems it’s solved if I save the third component at first, then I can drag it and drop with success.
Not sure how to explain this to other people :frowning:


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