Cannot add more than one component into a Local Collection


I have figured out how to create a Local Collection but I am having trouble loading more than one component into it. For example, I am creating a dorm room and so I have added a bed, desk and dresser into the model I am currently working in. When I go Window>Components, I open both the ‘In Model’ pane and another pane titled ‘my components’. When I want to drag the desk from ‘In Model’ to ‘my components’ it works. When I ALSO want to drag the bed, another window pops up asking if I would like to ‘overwrite existing file?’. If i click ‘no’ then nothing happens, if I click yes, it adds the bed to the ‘my component’ but now the desk is gone. Why am I not able to drag multiple components into the ‘my components’ local collection? (This is on the free version of Sketchup)



Do the components have unique names ?

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Yes. They are just components from the 3D Warehouse.



Share a SketchUp file with the components in question included.



Sorry, I’m not even sure how to share it in order to show you, I’m very new to this.



You can upload the file using the upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons across the top of the message window here in the forum. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.



Floor Plan from Paper Sketch.skp (2.7 MB)



Looking at your file and I see what you mean. The window and the desk with the stuff on it appear to conflict. I suspect it’s child component in one of the nested component. Did you make these or download them from the Warehouse?

I exploded a couple of the top most component levels for the desk and made a new component. This seems to have fixed the issue.



I downloaded them from the warehouse. Thank you for your help!



If you check the edit panel in the Components window, you can discover that the two components @DaveR mentioned (window and desk) both list the file they were loaded from as

/Volumes/NO NAME/MyComponents/Component.skp

The result is that SketchUp thinks these two came from the same file on disk and so it tries to overwrite the first with the second when you move them to a new collection.

This is a confusing aspect of how SketchUp’s components are managed. A component has a name that is captured inside the component’s skp file but that name is not required to be the same as the file name! So, by giving the files the generic name “Component.skp” before importing them, you have caused SketchUp to think they are differently internally named versions of the same physical model file. The presence of /Volumes/NO NAME in the saved path makes me wonder if maybe you brought them into the computer via a memory stick or external drive to which you downloaded them at separate times (allowing them to get the same file name without overwriting).



Forgot to look at the file they were loaded from. Thanks Steve.

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As helpful but off-topic suggestions:

  • You will ultimately find life easier if you use perspective camera not parallel while modeling. Parallel is really meant for traditional orthographic (2D) presentation of a model, not as your working mode. It has various distortions, scaling, and clipping issues that can be troublesome.
  • I would recommend that you give your walls and floors at least a bit of thickness and make them into groups or components instead of single faces. That will help you avoid issues with things sticking together when you didn’t mean to have that happen and also with things “showing though” of “z-fighting”.