Not identical components overwrites on save

in the attached file I have two doors. They are components with clearly different names, made unique, and inside components with different names. When I want to drag the last of the two to my collection, (second pane) in my components window, one will try to overwrite the other different file. I Cannot understand why…

two doors.skp (131.8 KB)

Check this thread for better understanding:

If it only involves these two components, explode one comp, make it a component again with another name and then use ‘save as’, if you see the new name in the dialog, you are good to go!

right. thanks.
All oddities that dont happen to others always happens to me. But it’s in my name also. My name is Odd.

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As was the name of my paternal grandfather (Wikipedia link). :slight_smile:

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Cool, Read his wiki. An extremely cool person.

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Quite a person! The photo immediately made me think about these “relatives” with a one letter difference:

@Odd_Haakon_Byberg, this may sound cruel, but I’m glad someone else is suffering from the same problem as me. It really surprises me that in the year and a half since its presentation and after extensive discussions about workflows, the SU team has done nothing to solve this problem globally.

In most cases, I am now successfully using the utility developed by TIG, but there are situations where it does not work as well as would be expected from the native “Save as a local collection” command. However, it is much better than nothing.

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thats cool. I never thought (‘The Brothers Dal’) would find an audience outside Norway.

Like this…

Yes, @TIG, that’s what I’m talking about.