Importing existing Material Library to sketchup 2017

Hi Guys,

I just updated from sketchup 2016 to 2017 and I copy and pasted my custom material library over on my C drive to the new Sketchup 2017 folder like I have done in the past. For some reason my materials will not show up. I have tried to add material libraries through sketchup itself as well and I can select the folder but when opened it shows nothing in it which is not true if you were to view through the windows explorer.

Anybody have any tips?


Are you using Open or create a collection? Are you actually selecting the folder with the materials or are you double clicking on the folder which would open it?

As a suggestion, put your own materials folders in a location such as the Documents folder or somewhere else that is easily accessible. Then you don’t have to copy the folders for each new installation of SketchUp. You can simply point the new version to that folder. A side benefit of doing that is if you are still going back and forth between versions, any new materials you add will be available to both versions.

I have a main Materials folder and then sub-folders inside for each wood species for which I’ve made textures. I only set the main folder as a collection (and add it to Favorites) and then access the sub-folders within from the Materials window.

I just did it your way and putting my material library into my documents folder and I am able to access them now. It is broken down into sub folders like you have. I was able to import the whole folder using Open or create a Collection but when I closed the program and opened it back up it was gone? Do I have to go one by one and add them to the favorites ?

Add the main folder to Favorites or add each one individually. I find it easier to add the main folder only. When I go to that folder I see the sub-folders. Or I could display it as a list.

Got it that works. Was just so used to seeing all of my materials in the drop down that it will take a little time to get used to the icons.

Thanks for the help!

You can still make each one a favorite so it shows in the drop down list. My list would get to be very long if I did and each time I add a new species of wood, I’d have to add another one to the list.

Are any of these responses for a Mac OS-X system? I still can’t make your suggestions work on my Mac and I understand there is a difference, and even SU-Pro 17 has some problems with seamlessly importing My Textures files from SU Pro 16. Thx for your responses in advance.