Component Window favourites

I have re organised my components folders on my hard drives and was about to create new shortcuts in the component window as favourite collections to the folders when i realised i cant remove the old names of the previous favourite collections list as i cant click on them to access and select remove from from favourites…

is there another way of removing favourite collections from this list


Ah I see. The Remove From Favorites option is greyed out if the location no longer exists. I would consider that a bug in SketchUp. You should be able to remove missing favorites, or they should be removes automatically.

You could recreate the previous folder hierarchy of the favorites you want to remove.

Or you could tweak your Registry settings, if you are comfortable with that. There are always risks when editing the Registry directly. The relevant Reg key is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\UserLibrariesComponentBrowser1

Thankyou. Exactly what I was after.

I found that if I clicked on the item i wanted to remove from the favorites, say “transportation”, I would click on it and it would send me to a location online with cars and planes. Once there, I would then selected the “details” expanding dialog, to the right of the magnifying glass and the “remove from favorites” would not be grayed out and I would select it. The next time I clicked on the component drop down, transportation was gone!