Components Favorites list Mac

Anyone know how to clear this? Really annoying there is no easy way clear and/or limit the favorites list. I feel like this may be a Mac problem…

I did a test of something, that seemed to work. Give this a try, and see if you could work that way.

In Preferences, Files, you can click on the folder icon at the right end of Components, to see where they all are stashed. In Finder you could then make some folders that are to hold several of your favorites. Coming up with the best name would be a challenge, and deciding which folders to move into there is another challenge.

Your list would then be a lot shorter. As an example, say you have a lot of tree models, in collections that are named Deciduous, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms, Evergreen. You could make a folder named Trees, and move those four folders into it. Back in the Components panel you would choose Trees, then go into the set that you are interested in at the moment.

The problem is that old broken links in the favorites don’t disappear… most of those links go nowhere and I cannot get rid of them… So as I try to reorganize as you suggest the list just gets longer.

I think this may be related to using the ‘open local collection’ method of accessing a folder containing components.

Strange. As I did my test the list would update next time I opened SketchUp.

I will ask around, to see if that list is cached somewhere.

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Just tried doing a re install over the existing SketchUp 2022, list is still there after that and a reboot. I also looked in the files mentioned below and didn’t see anything that looked like the components location list. This is from the 2018 release notes.

In preferences, files, you can click on the folder icon next to components. That will show where they are stored. You could manually delete any empty folders.

Reinstalling doesn’t erase those folders.

Hey Colin, thanks for the help. Thats the point man, most of those folders do not exist anywhere on my computer. There are duplicate listings as well, and I have never knowingly added anything to favorites. Some of them are Sketchup sample folders and some are ones I have navigated to in the open local collection window. The list just keeps growing every time I look up a new folder, at 34 right now. What is the criteria for a ‘favorite’, just opening the folder?

User components folder is empty.

I think you need a taller monitor.

Will need to wait for tomorrow, to ask colleagues.

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lol, OK thanks Colin. Have a good night.

Hey Colin, I did not magically figure this out while I slept, nor did it just correct itself as I had been hoping…

Hey Colin, wondering if you managed to get anywhere with this? Thanks

So “remove from favorites” in the drop down menu does not work in your case? Select the folder you want to remove, then go to the upper right drop down menu icon in the component browser window and the last item is “remove from favorites”.


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OK so yes, that does work. Feeling kinda dumb, I was trying to select/highlight it like in Finder. Turns out you click into the folder and then use remove from favorites, kinda confusing… I was like how do I select it to remove it?

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