Components not transferring to favourites collections

I am having trouble saving components from my current model to any folder in my favourites collection on Macbook Pro M1 14" Monterey SU Pro 2021. My usual method ( worked in previous OS High Sierra on imac 2012 ) is to open the expanded components window to have components in model listed in top pane, and favourite component folder selected in bottom pane. I just drag the component i want to keep from the in model pane to the selected favourite folder to save it. Chair to Chair folder, door to door folder, screen to screen folder etc. What is now happening is what i drag to the favourites folder does not show up in the lower pane, and a file appears in the favourites folder in the sketchup user folder but it has a non related name like “skpgfdPLK” with no .skp extension. If I add .skp to that file and open it it is the component, but is name was changed and suffix dropped. Does not happen to all components, If i make a simple component in the model, that works. I think its happening to components I have imported in a separate file from .dwg files and then copied that into my model. I dont think I explained that too well. pictures might help.

Anyone got any ideas on why the above happens?

try the context menu and saveas to see if that works, if not try saveas to the 2020 version instead of the default. let us know the results