Component & Material Browsers do not default to my saved paths

I’m using component and material libraries located on a network drive. (these directories are shared to 10 other sketchup users in my office). I have altered my default component & materials directory paths to suit.

However the Sketchup Component and Materials browsers keep defaulting to the basic set of ‘sampler’ components and materials…EG.the “Components Sampler” and “Dynamic Components” folders, and the “3d Printing” “asphalt and concrete” “brick, cladding” etc.

I don’t use these starter libraries and don’t want them part of my interface. I’ve even deleted them from my C:\Users\profile\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Components directory.

I often have to Add Local Collection several times during a modelling session which gets very annoying.
I’m on windows 10, 64 bit, Sketchup 2017 pro.


Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but you can change the file location for components and materials to your preferred folder and it will always open right up when pressing Open and create a local collection.

You can also save specific paths as favourites form the details menu.

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