[?] Move Components and Materials folders to Dropbox

I have three computers and want to put my components, materials and styles folders in Dropbox so all three computers have the same components, materials and styles.
I put all my component, materials and styles folders at:in Dropbox located on a network drive E:\Dropbox\08 Sketchup…
I changed my Preferences on each computer to show this location.

None of them appear in my trays. For example: open maerials tray - the materials are not there.

What am I doing wrong?

Did you open those collections in the appropriate window and add them to favorites?

I assumed that they would appear as the basic components since they are identified in the Preferences as the primary locations.
What are the Preference file locations for if not to identify where you want SU to automatically look?

Setting the file location tells SketchUp where to go when you save new materials, styles, etc. You still have to add the folders to the list like always.

Thank you DaveR.

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