Can I Remove/Hide Default Materials Collections?



I have my own textures library and filing system for the materials I use. I do not have any use for sketchups own materials system, see highlighted:

Is there a way of removing these? As I find they get in the way and are completely unnecessary for me. I can delete the textures themselves from the folders but then this just becomes a list of empty folders which is even more useless.


I think you would need to get inside the application to change it. If you just delete them, they’ll be replaced the next time you open SketchUp.

There was thread on this topic regarding doing the same thing on the Mac. Might be possible on Windows, too.


I’ve tried to find the locations of these folders in the program and user files on my system but can’t for the life of me work it out. Do you know where sketchup pulls it’s default material images from?


The default materials files you’re accessing are in Program Data/SketchUp/… If you delete the folders or rename them so SketchUp doesn’t see them during startup, they’ll be recreated from the program files which I don’t think you can edit.


Sorted it! Thank you for the program data suggestion that was the one folder I hadn’t tried!


I renamed the Materials file name to “Materials (hidden)” so it doesn’t pull through and so i can unhide in future if i need to.