Deleting Materials Collections Folders...?

How do I delete a Materials Collection Folder (running 2020 Pro on Windows)…?

I have added some I don’t want and need to get rid of them…

I see all kinds of detailed instructions on how to add, but nothing on how to get rid of them…

Have looked through all the various Sketchup folders in Program Data & Program Files on C drive, but can’t find them anywheres…

Help is appreciated


Solved it by accident, in clicking on the Menu hamburger, and choosing “Remove Collection from Favorites”

Thanks, me! :wink:

That info should really be on the Sketchup website - it’s not clear that by creating a new collection, it’s going into “favorites”


It worked once, but now I can’t figure out how to do it again -

When I choose “Remove Collection from Favorites”, it’s not showing anything under the Name / Collection path box -


What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no 2020 version at this time.

Is the collection you are attempting to remove one that you added yourself or a shipped “default” collection? The “remove collection from favourites” only works for collections you have added yourself. To remove a shipped collection would require another approach, but I’ve never removed those personally.

Sorry, my bad - 2019 Pro on Windows 10

It’s a collection of .skm files I downloaded from Sketchucation, and then added to the materials library using Create/Open collection command


If you use “add to favourites” the collection will stay in there until you remove it, that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

If you “open a local collection” that collection will stay in the menu for the duration of the current SketchUp session, you cannot “remove from favourites” as you never added them. Close and restart SketchUp and any you “opened” during the last session should disappear from the menu dropdown.

Hope that helps.