CfileException 13

I didn´t find a topic so I made a new one.
When saving a file, or when SK does auto save reply with na error CfileException 13.
Anyone with a clue or a solution?

That´s impossible to save. Says there are no permissions to do it (wich is wrong)

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Can you show a screenshot or the error message or an error log perhaps?

I did a search and saw that this topic has been posted a few times here, this was the last answer I could see from a SketchUp team member:

‘This issue has been linked directly to Livedrive and the software component they have that affects anything saved to the L: drive. The only fix is… don’t save directly to the L: drive. I recommend this for all cloud software at this point, just to be safe… save to your Desktop or a local location on your C: drive and only copy it to your network or cloud share service at the end of the day as a backup. (To be clear, I’ve only seen this happen with Livedrive… but it’s better safe than sorry.)’

Although in this answer it references Livedrive, others seemed to be having problems with Dropbox too.

Edit: Sorry I only found an answer for CfileException 2 and CfileException 3, not CfileException 13 as you had asked, my bad!!

Edit 2: It seems that there was one post on CfileException 13 and the author points to the thread on CfileExtension 2 relating to trying to save to a network drive rather than locally. So my first answer may actually turn out to be correct? SketchUp is not Letting me save Are you trying to save to a network drive or cloud storage folder?

Sorry, I dont have.
Seens it looks like Dropbox is fulling my disk. A local disk.

Yes, its a full disk with dropbox trashing it with backups.
I clean some same and until now I have no issues.

There have been a few reports of getting CFileException 13 before. Unfortunately, at least according to Microsoft, 13 is not a valid CFileException value! I wonder whether this is some programmer’s idea of a joke: “you got unlucky”…

Ok so it was Dropbox, well hope thats fixed it for you.

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