Can't unhide hidden geometry

I downloaded this minibar from 3D warehouse, I really like it but it’s missing that curved part as you can see on the pics. The contours appear when I turn on hidden geometry, but that’s it, the faces doesn’t show up. :frowning:

How can I fix this?

Maybe you can share the file so we can get a better look?

Is the elbow in a group or component? Maybe you need to edit it and then unhide the hidden entities.


Well, the faces in the elbow areas don’t exist. After unhiding the hidden geometry there’s only the mesh you found.

I suppose you could repair this but it would be faster to redraw the racks entirely and use components for the wires instead of making the geometry a single, inefficient group.

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Redrew the racks efficiently. I didn’t do anything else to the model but it could use a bunch of improvement. Even so, I reduced the file size by about 60%.

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How did you do it?
Also, do you know of a good tutorial for modeling in skp?

I used Follow Me to draw the bent wire and made it a component and then a simple long cylinder for the front and back wires.

As far as good tutorials, start here:

Big red button smack in the middle of the screen.

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I actually tried the follow me method, but it’s not working for me. If it’s not to ask much, could you give me details on how you did it?

First, you only need a circle at one end. Draw the entire length of the wire with the radius at the corner. Then, to avoid an issue with tiny faces, use the Dave Method.

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