Can't punch windows out

I thought I had done well with setting up my floors and wall, etc. Now trying to make window cuts and keep getting boxes forming rather than open on face.
Wondering what I’ve done wrong?

house studio garage for landscape test.skp (5.6 MB)

You’re a little over-zealous in your pushing. Stop Push/Pull on the inside of the wall instead of going all the way to the middle of the room. Just click on the inside edge of the wall to stop pushing.



house studio garage for landscape test.skp (5.6 MB)
Hi Dave, I feel like my problems are bigger. Look now at whats happened. Ive dont lots of punch outs before but never experienced all of these things.
Also I’m wondering why sometimes when u have lines u dont need, u can delete and other times, lose the face.
See on this wall, its split in two but I didnt draw that line, it appeared when I pulled up the walls. Now i cant get rid of it.

I’ve tried this so many times and I just cant get it to work. I’m also seeing when I push/pull, the wall with the rectangle I’m pushing on stays solid while creating a box on the other side.
First time, I’ve had this odd experience.

That happens when you push beyond the inside face of the wall. Try clicking on the top edge of the wall to finish the Push/Pull operation.

I have tried several times, still getting floating boxes, etc.

I’d say one of your issues is the guides, they are not perfectly aligned to each other or the surface so they are stopping the rectangle from being on the face. I’m not a great fan of guides myself.
You can see here that the rectangle tool hasn’t got an intersection to snap too, and even when I start on the face if I let it snap to the guide it isn’t flat.

You also have a mess in your tags. You should always leave Untagged as the active tag, the little edit pencil. Only Tag groups components dimensions etc never raw geometry. Be careful exploding groups with tags as the geometry will take on the tag of the group, you should untag it before doing anything else. Your model as you uploaded it has the Door Front as active, but the windows you are attempting to draw have nothing to do with Door Front. Hence leave untagged active and you never need to chase what tag you are on.
Also go to Window/Model Info/Units and untick ‘Enable length snapping’ this tends to create tiny errors.


The advice that @Box gave is spot on. Here’s another little something that might help you to see what’s going on: color by tag.

Thank you, I’ll try to get a better understanding of tags. I knew I had some issues with tags just wasn’t sure what to do to fix them. The Cad file is from an architect and she has a lot of bad tags, I’m sure I do too as a newbie. It’s been tough working with a messy file and trying to learn :).

Thank you. I understand what u are saying about the guides, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t grab the intersection, they looked flat to surface. Tags are still a bit of a conundrum to me. I understand the concept of their use but struggling with “active tag”, etc. CAD file came from an architect and she has odd groupings, etc. so its harder to learn starting off rough.

One other question, there is a line splitting the wall and there shouldn’t be a line. It’s cutting where a window should go.
I dont understand why I can sometimes delete an unneeded line and other times I lose the face.
If I can understand the logic and how to resolve would be helpful. When I make mistakes I dont always know how to get out of it.
Thank you

Sorry I didn’t get back to this Lori. I was tied up with other stuff.

Generally that indicates the faces adjoining that edge are not in the same plane. That edge wouuld then be required to support both faces.

When you are tracing the importated CAD file make sure you are drawing single edges between corners. Don’t stop/start midway along.

Thank you, I suspected that was it but wasnt sure how to fix it. I generally understand the problem just not how to fix my without causing more…are there any videos that talk about problems and how to resolve, tips and tricks?

Sometimes the path of least resistance is to delete problem areas and start over.

I guess I don’t know of anything specifically. Lots of how to do it right but nothing directly related to troubleshooting and fixing problems. There’s so many possible permutations of problems that I imagine videos would be very long and probably hard to follow.

Key things based on some of your issues in this thread (and really just rehashing tips already given) and in no particular order.

If you are going to import a CAD file to use as a reference, use the tags that come in to control visibility. Hide stuff you don’t need to see or that causes clutter and confusion.

Use the longest single edges you can when outlining your walls.

Avoid breaking edges if at all possible.

Clean as you go. Watch for overruns and gaps in your drawing.

Watch closely for on-axis indications and other inferencing. Be aware that there my be lines in your imported CAD file that ought to be on axis but aren’t. Deal with them accordingly when referencing them.

Do your modeling in Perspective and orbit the camera so you can look around to see what is going on.

As soon as the imported CAD file has given you all the reference you need, delete it from the model and purge unused stuff so it isn’t there bloating your model file.

Make sure you are using groups, components, and tags appropriately

Clean your model as you go.

Not sure if it’s related but faces that are not perfectly parallel to each other also won’t allow the “punch out”. These scenarios sometimes create triangulation on a face that is not visible until one tries to cut a hole, creating a diagonal line that “splits the wall”. A bit more difficult to fix and usually means a redraw of the affected faces as the best solution before “punch outs” work as intended.