Can't move Model viewport without LO freezing then crashing

Every time I try to move my model viewport in LO the program freezes and won’t respond. I am using a template sent to me by my firm. I am the only seeming to have issues with this, so upgraded my computer but am still having issues. My gut tells me it is something to do with the template file and the misssing refrences, but I am not sure. Any thoughts?

Things I have already tried:

  • -unclicking “auto” Raster in viewport
  • -Cleaning up reference links
  • -Removing heavy objects (i.e. plants & furniture) from model
    • Reducing the size of the file
  • -updated my memory
  • -Got new laptop ( GIGABYTE - AORUS 17.3" FHD Laptop -Intel i7-12700H - 32GB DDR5 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti - 1TB SSD. Model:AORUS 17 YE5-74US544SH
  • -Deleting old SU models in the template
  • -Added cooling fan
  • -Talked to tech support

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

Why are there old SU models in the template?

What operating system? You put “2022” for that in your profile. I presume you are using Windows but is it 10 or 11?

Please update your forum profile with the current and correct information.

Thanks for reaching out.

There are old SU models in the template as a “place holder”
I am using windows 11
Just updated my profile

What is the best way to share the LO file?

I’ll guess your LO file is too large to upload directly so upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Which version of SketchUp Pro?

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I have 2023

How about adding that to your profile. That kind of thing can have a bearing.

Will do.

Just added the file. Will be back online in a couple hours.

Thank you again for any help.

I would expect the problem is related to the detailed plants in the model and your graphics card.

I’m not having any problem moving or resizing the viewports in your file.

You say LO crashes. Are you getting Bug Splats and are you sending them in with something to identify they came from you?

I looked at the SketchUp file related to these viewports. Fixed the the incorrect tag usage (likely related to imported components).
Screenshot - 3_10_2023 , 11_16_39 AM
I also purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 3_10_2023 , 11_17_17 AM
And, as well, I reduced some excessively sized texture images. No reason to have high res texture images for leaves on plants. That reduced the file size of that SketchUp model by about 34%.

what graphics card/laptop would you reccomend? I just upgraded my laptop last week.

I wondered about the plants too, so I tried it without the plants in the SU model but had similar issues.

I wasn’t getting bugsplats. As I worked in the file and started moving and resizing the viewports it would get slower and then eventually freeze and lockup.

Thank you so much for your time on this. It is very helpful. I apreciate the knowledge you have shared.

Youre profile indicates you have a graphics card from Nvidia which should be good. Make sure SketchUp is using that card. Also make sure you have the current graphics drivers from Nvidia, not the ones that get installed in automatic Windows updates.

Keeping your SketchUp models clean and light goes a long way to making your work in both SketchUp and LayOut easier.

Yes I do. What is the best way to make sure sketchup is using that card?

Heard on keeping the SU models clean and light!

Start by going to Preferences>Graphics and click on Graphic Card Details.

Will that also effect layout? or does that have to be done separately?

LayOut uses the same graphics card as is set up in SketchUp’s Preferences.

It looks like it is using it, yes?

Yes. It does.

I opened the file and everything seems to be running fine. Thank you!!

How do I clean and check the files for unused stuff etc.?

Do the missing refrences matter/ effect the performance of LO?