Cant make rounded corners and use push pull. Can you help please?


Hi. All. My name is Ronnie and I’m a newbie to Sketchup and 3 D printing. I have successfully designed a open box with a sloping top. 80mm wide x 65mm deep x 20mm and 10mm high. My problem is I want the 4 vertical edges to be curved. I can easily do this with the push/pull tool if the box is not sloping. But I can’t make it work when it is sloped. Drawing the end profile and pulling from the side works great until there is a radius involved. Then it doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this simply please. Thank you in advance… Regards to all …Ronnie.


Have you looked at Fredo’s Round Cotner plugin? I think it will do what you are wanting.


Also check this plugin: JointPushPull Interactive


Hi All. Wow. That sounds great. I have the 2016 version of Make. I got this version because my computer is running 32 bit. and the 2017 version is only available in 64 bit. Do you know if the Joint push/pull will be compatible with my version? Thank you again for your help and quick replies. Regards… Ronnie.


it should work. why not download and test it? it’s free :slight_smile:


Thanks to all. I’ll give it a go and let you know. Much appreciated…Regards… Ronnie.


Hi. All. Downloaded the RBZ files. They won’t open. Just comes up with the old cant open this file. Do you want windows to find it for you? Didn’t think I’d need to be on the net to open em anyway. The files Iv’e got are…Joint Push/Pull V3 69.rbz 404kb and Lib. Fredo V7.6a rbz 5.38mb. Can you tell me why it won’t open???


Belay that last message. I figured it out. Open when using the add extension command in Sketchup. Sorry about that. Still Learning. Regards… Ronnie.


Hi. All.Got the plug in going but still can’t do what I need. Put simply imagine a flat rectangle Come in 3mm from the end and sides an cut the corners off so the wall if pulled up will now have a radius on the outside verticals. Easy to do even with the standard push/pull. Now imagine you want that wall to be angled 20mm at the back to 10mm at the front. I can’t find a way to pull that wall up with that angle at the top edge… I can only pull it up to the same height both ends. ie 20mm or 10mm. I can’t have 20mm at one end and 10mm at the other. I’m trying to make a sloping flat open 4 sided box with 3mm thick walls with the top edge sloping from back to front. Hope I’m explaining this ok. Regards…Ronnie.


There are several was to do this. One of the most basic is to position a face at the angle you want through the box. Then use Intersect faces with selection, this will give the edges you need, then delete what you don’t want.


Hi.Box Iv’e tried that. Pull up the floor of the rectangle…draw my end shape… turn the box round so the inside face is facing me… pull the wall inwards to my 3 mm. perfect! If there are no radii. If the rectangle is square it works fine. when I draw the radius on the corners and try the same thing when I draw the shape the end does not fill in because the program cannot handle the fact that there is now rounded vertical corners so a filled in end doesn’t happen. I can do it no problem if there if the vertical corners are sharp and square but as soon as I put a round edge on it can’t do it. Frustrating. Regards ronnie.


How big is the box and what size radius are you using on the corners?


The box is 80mm x 65mm x 20mm high at the back and 10mm at the front. The floor and 4 walls are 3mm thick and the radius is also 3mm so looking at the inside wall it is a square cornered rectangle and the outside looking down from above is the radius on each corner running down the vertical. this is one of two 65mm ends.


With a radius of 3mm you need to reduce the number of segments, here I have used 5.
Is this what you want?


Thank you Thank you Thank you Box! You have solved my problem and taught me some great moves at the same time. I really appreciate your efforts. It was very good of you to go to so much trouble. And thank you to others who have helped. The Push/Pull download will also have many uses. Regards to all…Ronnie.


Hi. Box. Well. I did exactly the same moves as you, and all goes well until highlighting the small section of the top of the box to remove it as you did. Don’t know if this has any bearing on the difference but my version of the program does not have the cross hair button you use to delete. I assume that is just a quick erase button. Anyway when I highlight the same as you did only the top line of the section to be removed lights blue The panel below does not. Sooooo when I hit erase in the menu the result sort of works but for two things. I am left with a series of vertical lines to erase at each corner and I have to redraw the intersect line around the top of the box that has to be removed. If I don’t I can’t just highlight the inner lid. The whole thing highlights even though the lines are already still there. Strange. But I did get there in the end.


Have a look at the selection box as I select the top, I move from right to left and the box is a dotted line, this selects everything it touches.
You probably moved left to right and the box was a solid line, this only selects things within the box.
Sometimes intersections don’t break completely, it’s a bit of a bug in the system, redrawing one edge usually fixes it, as you found.


Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Just tried it again. Yes you’re correct. This time did it right to left. All worked fine. Boy that’s odd. Thanks again. Thought I was going nuts.


Umm, it’s not odd, that’s how the selection tool works. Makes it easier to be specific about what you select.


Oh. I see what you mean. Lot to learn I see.