Plugin or Extension to enable Rounding when you Push/Pull an Edge?

One of the very cool features in SpaceClaim Engineer or their freebie version DesignSpark Mechanical is the ability to simply push/pull an edge to make it rounded or chamfer. Is it possible to create a plugin or extension that would enable this in Sketchup?

Sounds like you want RoundCorner by Fredo: [Plugin][$] RoundCorner - v3.3a - 18 Dec 18 • sketchUcation • 1

I installed RoundCorner and use it, but I would like to see the feature where you can just push or pull an edge and have it change geometry. The one provided in SC does more than just round or chamfer corners but even just a rounded corner when you push/pull an edge would be add a lot of usability to SU without the overhead of learning RoundCorner or another more complex plugin. Rounding and chamfering is a pretty fundamental design element in most non-architectural sized objects. Especially in the 3D and maker space.

btw I do love and especially appreciate all of the work you (TT), Fredo, and the countless other plugin and extension developers have created over the years.