If not 90degrees

Picture on the right with black circles the arc corner it is good because angles are 90 degrees. But picture on the left with red circles it’s not ok because angles are not 90 degrees. I used the push/pull for both to create the arc along the corner.
How can I make the left picture ok with angles not 90 degrees?

Most likely the easiest method would be cut the angled faces after Push/Pull since Push/Pull only works perpendicular to the face being extruded. You could also extend the edge and use Push/Pull or Follow Me, instead. Then Intersect Faces and erase the waste. In many cases (although not all) Fredo’s Round Corner can manage to round over the edge, too.

With Push/Pull:

You don’t really need the edges off the corners of the block. I added them for reference.

After Push/Pull, select all of the geometry, use Intersect Faces.

Delete the unneeded bits.

Here’s an example with the newer Fredo Corner plugin:


Hi Guys and thanks for the very fast reply!