Can't draw vertical lines properly

As you can see in the attached animated GIF, I’m trying to select the smallest rectangle so that I can cut out a window space. I would like to then group the smallest rectangle, explode it and Push/Pull the rectangle out of the geometry.

How can I do that without selecting geometry outside of the rectangle?

Peter Enns
Can't cut out rectangle
Complete Right Hexagon with Windows Ded 18~.skp (202.1 KB)

This file is a mess. There is no rectangle in the smallest “rectangle” its a disconnected group of edges with no surface and they are not in plane with the surface behind. You are not seeing “both” selected just the one single surface behind which is the only surface there. Delete the small edges and draw them again in the face of the bigger surface.

Your rectangles are not co-planer with the face (not actually on the face) you are trying to work on. If you zoom in and rotate you will see the issue; you’ve drawn a random set of lines in 3D space that give the illusion of what you want.

Here at least is a “flat” version to start with. from here you can delete the areas you want to be voids and push/pull the rest to the desired thickness.

Complete Right Hexagon with Windows FLAT.skp (203.3 KB)

To illustrate what I meant about not co-planer these 2 are the same 4 lines viewed from different angles. One looks rectangular and gives the feeling it could be a face but the second view shows it clearly isn’t and will never close without redrawing.

Thank you very much for your blunt reply. It gave me lots of food for thought and will definitely help me succeed in SketchUp.


Have you gone through the materials at The learning Center yet?

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

I agree. My file is a mess.

I have been studying SketchUp since July. I have studied things over & over again. I suspect there are just a few things that I did not learn. They are preventing me from making unmessy files.

I tried making a hexagon again. You can see the steps I took below. I now have Z fighting. I had pulled that frame 0.25" to prevent Z fighting.

Please look at the points below & then look at the file and then tell me what I did wrong.

Thank you very much.

  1. Rotate to move red axis above “horizon”.

  2. Make hexagon with 9’ radius.

  3. Stand it upright along red axis

  4. Push/Pull to make it half an inch thick

  5. Add ALL transparent windows, window frames, etc. in front hexagon before grouping hexagon.

  6. With Tape Measure tool, draw guidelines for the glass portion of the windows. Get the measurements from LH Hexagon.png.

  7. Make sure you have guidelines for the entire outer portion of the frame.

  8. With Line tool, draw glass portion of window.

  9. Use Push/Pull to cut out window

  10. Use Line tool to enclose window openings.

  11. Choose a green color & move to about 15% opacity

  12. Click the color icon on the 3 opaque windows.

  13. Use the Line tool to connect the inner corners of the 2 outer windows.

  14. Make sure the outer portion of the frame is connected using the Line tool.

  15. One at a time, make each of the 2 window frames a group & then extend it out 0.25” to avoid Z fighting.

  16. Make sure the 2 groups are deselected.

  17. Zoom into the inner window.

  18. Just “eyeballing” it, draw in the 3 black, yellow & black frames.

  19. You will have to color the glass green again.

  20. Then color the frames.

Peter Enns
Right hexagon with all windows & frames Dec 30.skp (212.3 KB)

This gives the measurements of the windows.

hexagon with windows

Hi Peter,

I did a quick video showing that most of your geometry is not grouped.

Are you using the Outliner? If not, that may help to see what has been grouped and what has not been grouped. It also allows toggling visibility and shows what Group or Component is selected.

In the following video I’ve created and named Groups and Components. I toggle the visibility to inspect each. There is an extra line in the Wall Group so I click into the Group and erase it.

I prefer to create Components out of most of the things in my models and then Group those together. For example, below I’ve created window frame components and I group them together because they are frames. Likewise “Glass”.


Thank you so much. I’m beginning to study Outliner. I’d never heard of it before. From now on I will be making more groups & components.

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Hang in there. You have made a lot of effort to learn the program, and you have clearly made progress. There are some gotcha’s you need to look out for, like non-planar lines on planar geometry. I really recommend going through the Square One youTube videos and follow that up with the Skill Builder series. They have been hugely helpful to me as a new SketchUp user.

Best Regards,


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