Technical Problem


I have a hexagon beehive shape which I am trying to extrude, butI would like a rectangular portion to not be extruded. I can not seem to distinguish the area in this rectangle to delete.

I don’t see any reason why it thinks the two surface areas are merged, can anyone help me in deleting this gray rectangle?
Any help appreciated!
Hex with rectangle.skp (90.2 KB)


You are missing a tiny edge shown in the screenshot. Drawing that in will cause the rectangle part to be its own entity.

BUT I should also add that sometimes it does look like all entities are closed off. If that is the case, I would select all of the geometries, right-click, and then select Intersect --> With Selection. That is actually what I thought your problem might be at first.


I think you are running into Sketchup’s problem with tiny edges and faces. I would scale the object up by 100x and retrace the rectangle with the rectangle tool, then erase the unwanted geometry. Finally, scale back to full scale.



Thanks for the quick responses! I’ve got it fixed now!