Subtracting a face from other faces

So in the image below I want the left to turn into the right.

I want the rectangle to be taken out of the 3 faces without removing the faces entirely. I want to keep the outer loop of the rectangle intact but erase all the edges within it. Could someone help me with the code for this? How do I find and erase only the edges within a rectangle but not the edges that form the outer loop?

I know I can use grep and find but am not sure on how I can specify only the edges that are contained inside of a rectangle. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I suppose in this case I would want the bottom edge that helps form the outer loop to be deleted as well… hmmm

One main issue here is that this case will result in 5 faces no longer 3. This means SketchUp is likely to recreate all 5 (and any references you had to the old objects will become invalid.)

Basically this is an intersect operation.

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