Can't delete or erase

Hi, I’m a newbie at SketchUp 2015. I’m having this really annoying problem: every time I try to delete any object via delete button nothing happens until I switch to another tool. The same with the eraser tool, after selecting a line (i.e.) it turns blue, but doesn’t disappear till I go back to the select tool (i.e.) and click on a random point in the model.
I’m sure it’s not a problem from the optical mouse, because it happens also using the trackpad.

Thanks for your help.

You can try to change some settings in the preferences regarding openGL and hardware acceleration and see if this has an influence.

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Solved. It was the hardware acceleration.

You can try to update your graphic card driver and see if you can get back the acceleration.

I seem to be having this problem - I’ve updated my graphic card driver and rebooted yet when I try to delete certain lines, they just continue to show as selected (thick blue lines). Any specific instructions on which openGL settings I need to look at? Thanks in advance…

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Hi @Joribo, in addition to tell us what version of SU you’re running if it only happens with certain lines you maybe can record a .gif with LICEcap and attach the .skp file. Maybe that can make easier others to help you.

Thanks for the quick responses. I’m using SketchUp Make 2017 (halfway through my 30 day trial).
I’ve captured a gif of me trying to delete some lines - they remain “selected” but won’t disappear. I’m able to erase some other lines / surfaces just fine:


I’ve only recently started learning SketchUp, and I believe things started going sour when I started using layers (for my ceilings and a pair of french doors), though I can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong. There’s something messy with one of my walls, and I couldn’t get it to show as one contiguous area - I’ve tried removing the entire wall and building it back up again from scratch but I’m not really getting anywhere.

The skp file is around 40MB - I’ll be happy to share if it would help if the gif doesn’t provide enough info.

Appreciate your guidance!

The symptoms look like you are associating edges and faces with other than Layer0. Don’t do that, because it causes issues such as these! Instead, draw just enough to define a “thing” and then make a group or component to be that “thing”. Then assign a layer to the group or component.

Thanks @slbaumgartner, I’ll work on that tomorrow and report back here…

I tried moving everything back to layer 0, but still wasn’t able to remove the line.
However, after fiddling some more, I found that when I turned on hidden geometry, there were some weird, unintentional lines. After removing those, my drawing looks fine now and the lines I was trying to get rid of are gone.

Hi there just reading this - can you explain what open GL and hardware acceleration settings are and how I check what they are?

You can read about OpenGL here. Hardware Acceleration here. In the case of older versions of SketchUp there was a preference setting to turn off Hardware Acceleration which was helpful in cases where the graphics processor (usually an integrated GPU) wasn’t up to the job. That option was removed five or six versions back, though.

oh my version is the latest! still not deleting lines though?

Can you share a file in which this is happening? And indicate which edges you’re trying to delete.

Analysis sheet rushgrove spare in case of disaster.skp (9.9 MB)
Ok thanks

Which edge(s) are you wishing to delete?

Incorrect Tag usage.

Yes, there is that, too.

I mean that is probably the issue, you can’t erase edges when they are associated to a hidden Tag.

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