Lines not erasing, only turning blue


Been having an issue with lines just turning blue and not erasing both with the eraser tool and selecting the line and pressing delete. Using SU Make version 17.2.2554 on Mac. Also (probably related), at other times I’ve been getting an error message that says something to the effect of “your recent action caused visible geometry to be merged with hidden geometry” and when I press okay the message immediately pops up again, usually 4 or 5 times in a row. Any help would be appreciated.

(Tried to upload the file but it said it was too large)


You can start by turning on View-Hidden Geometry and also making all layers visible to see what it is that your visible geometry is colliding with. You should also verify that you have kept all edges and faces associated with Layer0, as not doing so can cause confusing issues of this sort.


Okay, thanks. I think that must be it. I’ve been overassigning everything to my layers.


So, misuse of SketchUp layers claims another unsuspecting victim! This sort of problem is why all the experts advise to always keep all edges and faces associated with Layer0 and never to set any other layer as “Active”. Only use layers other than layer0 for groups or components, and don’t associate the contents of a group or component with it’s layer. That accomplishes nothing useful, since hiding the group will always hide the contents no matter what layers they use.

I recommend TIG’s Layer Watcher extension if you have difficulty sticking to these rules. It enforces most of them automatically and warns you if you violate them.


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