Can't Erase Hidden Lines (on triple-click)


I have an issue where I seem to have many hidden blue lines which I see when triple-clicking on a face somewhere. I’m looking to delete these (in the hope it might help with some issues I’m having with not being able to create squares due to not having parallel lines), but can’t find any way to erase them.

Any advice appreciated,


Do you have back edges turned on (easy to do if you accidentally press the default shortcut key ‘k’)? Otherwise please upload your model so we can verify the problem and don’t have to guess.

You are using layers incorrectly. You can see in the entity info window that your selection of raw geometry is on multiple layers.
All raw geometry must be on Layer0 and only groups and Components can be assigned a layer for visibility purposes.

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• Open the Layers Manager; select and delete all layers.
Layer0 is a permanent fixture. It cannot be deleted.
There is no risk of losing anything except the unnecessary layers.

• As you delete them, you’ll see a pop up window. Select: Move contents to Default layer

Then see these video tutorials…

Thank you very much for your kind responses, it seems I’ve went headlong into Sketchup without learning the basics. I’m sure I’ll get on much better now.


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