Deleting Lines

Can anyone suggest how to permanently delete lines? When I delete unwanted lines they keep repearing even when I shut down my computer, they return.

There must be something wrong with your model, can you share the file? If it’s bigger than 16mb you can use wetransfer, Dropbox or any platform you prefer.

Truly deleted edges are gone and stay deleted. How are you deleting these lines? By selecting them then pressing delete? I suspect not as this situation would not arise in that case. It’s my suspision that you are using the eraser tool and clicking on the edges. Be aware when using the eraser tool that by pressing a modifier key while using the tool the eraser can also Soften or Hide things. It’s a my guess that you have been “hiding” edges with the eraser tool by pressing shift with the tool not deleting them. Objects hidden state is a saved quality of scenes. So if you hide a few edges, then click on your “Floor Plan” scene where those edges were saved in an unhidden state, then they all return.

Use View>Hidden Geometry to see the edges you have hidden and then delete them with the unmodified eraser tool (click on the eraser and don’t press anything else), or select them and press delete.

Your model is a lot messy, you must work using groups and components, I made a model to the right so you can see how it should be done and use it if it works for you.
Ill also leave you a link to the sketchup campus website, there are free courses made by sketchup team members that will teach you how to model properly on sketchup.
New_4Bedroom Hm_SKU Model.skp (10.1 MB)

Thank you for getting back to me and for the link.

I was doing exactly what you pointed out i.e. using the eraser with shift at the same time. I have been working with groups and components within the model therefore I’m unsure what more I can or should do… can you elaborate. You mentioned you made a model that I could check out but I don’t see where it is.

Here it is
New_4Bedroom Hm_SKU Model.skp (10.1 MB)

Perfect, thank you for your time! :slight_smile: