Pencil line problem

Could any one help please?
When I draw my floor plan another line appears (sorry ref description), when I delete the model goes.

Whatever the cause that actually could be some geometry that is part of the plan, I’d veiw in Perspective mode and showing Hidden Geometry, and zoom in and inspect that area.

In the video where you say “delete that now”, it appears that you have double or triple clicked the object and so selected attached geometry.

I does look like you a have some hidden geometry attached to your existing wall plan, go to View>Hidden Geometry and see what appears. The “whole lot” goes because you have it all selected (blue) when you press delete. Use the eraser tool instead to delete individual lines, including the hidden ones.

For a definitive solution, upload your .skp model to a response window so we can see what’s going on.

Thank you so much, that’s done the trick,
what would have caused this to happen.

I have been trying to resolve for hours should have reached out long time again.

Thanks once again


I wouldn’t worry about it, unless it keeps happening. Glad you got it handled.