Help! Mystery Lines on Walls

I’m pretty new to SketchUp, so hopefully this is an easy fix. I’ve been creating a 3D floor plan, and suddenly I noticed diagonal lines on some of my walls. When I try to delete them, they delete a whole portion of the wall plane. I’ve tried redrawing the borders of the shape and then deleting the diagonals, but that doesn’t change anything. I’ve also tried deleting most of the wall and push/pulling the shape from the ground up to recreate it, but that is giving me odd errors as well.

Is there a way I can easily:
a. Join the pieces that are now disconnected to form a complete wall surface
b. remove the diagonals without it taking out pieces of my walls.

Image shows an example of the various diagonals that have mysteriously appeared, and what happens when I try to remove one of the diagonals, even after trying to redraw perimeter of the wall face.

Thanks for your help!

Your walls are not square. the diagonal is separating two planes that are not coplanar.

Can you share your model?

Kindly provide the file, please. If you delete the diagonal line and the whole face gets deleted, this is a sign that your wall surface is not planar, meaning, you have a slight curvature and the 4 points that define the surface are not on the same line.

I agree but after, what I saw In a post recently, there may be a number of errors

Uploading file is best bet (7th button from the left when writing a post, it’s a little arrow)

Any idea how my walls could have shifted? When I created the model a day or two ago the whole thing was plumb. Maybe I accidentally selected/moved something while working in it?

I pulled all the furniture out to make the model small enough to upload. On the lower middle section of the model (from plan view) you’ll see where I started to try to fix the diagonals and it all turned into a mess.

Many thanks for the quick replies! (2.4 MB)

After you extrude your walls you should make them into groups so that you don’t accidentally alter them.

I originally grouped then, but then ungrouped them as I was editing surfaces or punching holes in them. Sounds like I should have kept them as groups and done the extra step to go into the group to edit a piece :expressionless:

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That is always good practice in SketchUp.

It takes very small mouse move to cause issues so, when you model make sure you make max use of the inference engine. Its there to help you model. If had to recommended one tutorial to watch it would be that.

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Is there a specific video you can recommend? I just searched the SketchUp website and I couldn’t find an obvious choice. I try to pay attention to the green/red/blue guides, but coming from a Vectorworks background the gestural nature of SketchUp is taking some time to get used to.