Remove / merge(?) lines in wall

Apologies for the completely noob question here but I’m wondering if someone could show me how to remove these lines from the wall panels here. (The diagonal ones.)

I can erase them but the cladding is still offset from the cladding in the wall section immediately adjacent.

Basically I just want to join the surfaces so that they’re the one piece.

Thanks in advance.

Without seeing the model (can you upload it?) this is a guess, but most likely the bottom edge of the window is not coplanar with the horizontal edge of the wall below it. This forces SketchUp to triangulate the area because all faces in SketchUp must be planar. If you erase one of those edges and a face disappears, that is the proof.

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Thanks. I will upload the model. I asked someone to draw for me as favour and I am using it to select colours for a house. I am very inexperienced in sketchup and I have just been using the model to try different colour schemes. (I can change colours and have managed to move some windows but that’s it.)

Being a bit OCD that little part has been annoying me so I thought if it was an easy fix I would just change it.

Thanks for your help. The model is attached,explode 09.09.2019.skp (12.1 MB)

As @slbaumgartner identified, the ‘cracked’ face isn’t coplanar. The right hand top and bottom corners are out of plane with the left hand part of the face. Easy to fix.

Fixed model attached
explode 09.09.2019 fixed.skp (12.1 MB)

Basically, all I had to do was to move in turn the top right and bottom right corners along the red axis to lie in the the plane of the left hand side, then I could delete the diagonal lines without losing part of the face.

You or your helper could improve the model by making components or groups out of the ‘loose geometry’ in the model, which seems at a quick glance to include all the cladding walls, and maybe other things I didn’t look at.

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Thanks very much John. Really appreciate your help.

Have a great day.

Thank you. You are very welcome.

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