Hello - need assistance if possible

I have an issue with a sketchup model developed in pro 2024. Created a prayer hall box shell and had a rendering group provide a series of varied triangle openings that are larger at the top and smaller at the bottom. They saved their skin and sent it back to me with the openings and and flat elevation that composed the square sides - the problem is there are lines around the openings and defining a square cell for each two openings …

Is there a way to easily remove all the lines that I can delete individually? Outside of the outer edges and the triangular openings?


In SketchUp for Desktop you could use an extension like CleanUp3 to merge coplanage faces and erase the coplanar edges. Your screenshot looks like it comes from SketchUp for Desktop but you posted in the SketchUp Go category so it isn’t clear if an extension is an option for you.

Thanks gir your reply! … I downloaded the CleanUp3 extension - where do I find it in the menus and do I have to restart to have it display?


So presumably you are not using SketchUp Go. I moved your thread to the correct category.

Did you install it using the Extension Warehouse interface in SketchUp? Did you also install TT_Lib2 which is required to support the extension? This is indicated on the CleanUp3 page in the Extension Warehouse.

Once you have it and TT_Lib2 properly installed, CleanUp3 will appear in the Extensions menu. It wouldn’t hurt to quit and restart SketchUp, though.

Thank you DaveR… that seems to help - been a while since doing intensive SketchUp modeling.

Thanks for putting my post in the proper location.