I draw a flat rectangle (floor plan) in my model and sketchup breaks it down into many triangles?

Ive been using sketchup for many years but this has me stumped. Ive tried to flatten and have careful to draw the shape on x and y coordinates but i get the same outcome. I recently upgraded to windows 10 but this model has been a problem before the system upgrade. Has anyone been running this and can recommend a fix?

It sounds like you have some hidden geometry in the model that it is intersecting with.
Can you give us the model to look at.

yes lots of hidden geometry but no idea how to stop it from happening. The model has been difficult since it was started…something is up but just not sure what:) Id love to upload the model for review but I don’t see an upload button? any advice?

Click the button 7th from the left with the up arrow.

lol thank you! I really do appreciate your help here’s the model. I colored some of the hidden geometry in the area im having the most trouble at the moment. I had to delete so much of the model to get the file down to the acceptable 3D concept plan- 4 saved down.skp (3.0 MB)size i worry i may have deleted the issue but hope this helps?

I haven’t looked at your uploaded model yet, but you should be able to send the original file by saving it to one of the many cloud storage services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, to name a few) and then post the link to the model. That way, anyone with the link can review .your model with any issues remaining as you have them.

All of these services have at least one type of account that is free to use and unless your model is very large, you should have no problem in uploading to one of them.

After a brief review of your model as submitted, it appears that the floor is not coplanar (that is, the surface of the floor is not 100% dead level flat and the program has triangulated the surfaces in order to close the planes.) The easy fix for this is to eliminate the affected surface and redraw making sure to use the inferencing system. You can help yourself out by using rectangle tool as much as possible.

Even if the horizontal floor surface is out of plumb by only a minute dimension, the face will not be formed by the surrounding edges. In attempting to resolve your issue, it seems more economical to redraw this small plan in its entirety because it saves you the time required to go back and correct the existing problems.

A quick look from me also show a lot of inaccuracies that are making your model problematic.
You have lots of overlapping geometry that isn’t flat, there are sections showing Z-fighting, meaning you have two layers so close together they are attempting to occupy the same space while not coplanner.
Here are a few shots of where your edges aren’t lining up.

Thank you both for looking into this! I was hoping for a different answer lol but finding im usually the culprit…user error once again! The z fighting makes a lot of sense. I started this model with a aerial photo and noticed issues almost immediately. I may have to redraw this one.

Thanks again!!