Spiderweb explosion

there are times when I get an “explosion” of what i call spiderwebs- can anyone shed some light? I can paste a screenshot if this forum allows such…

Thank you

Please post a screen shot or better, an SKP file that shows it.

Use the Upload button, 7h from the left in the row of buttons above the message window.

At a guess, you are(/were) trying to move a cut-out or object that’s attached to a plane/surface - this movement is slightly off of the planar surface or involves some other cut-outs on the surface. So SU draws lots of triangulation lines between corners to try and maintain the surface.

But if you paste a screen shot it would be of more help.

here is a screenshot. The upper plane of the roof was unhidden, so this occurred in the background.

each line must be carefully selected and deleted.

thanks for any thoughts- I love this software!

screenshot uploaded to thread, thanks

Most often, this effect results from the various corners not being in exactly the same plane. A SketchUp face must be planar, so SketchUp attempts to “heal” the surface for you by triangulating it. Surprisingly small discrepancies can cause this to happen.

btw this does not happen when I am working on that specific plane. maybe i am inadvertently moving a corner of a plane in a background. Can I lock a corner perhaps?

You can lock a group or component, but not a geometric primitive (edge, face) or a vertex.

here is a Youtube video where it was caught

based off the fact that you are posting here again, I will assume you need some help. As was stated in the previous posts, it is the result of SketchUp healing surfaces. The most likely reason for this is that they are uneven in some way.

If this is happening it is likely that your geometry was drawn incorrectly or a point (or points) have been moved in a manner that leaves them slightly off of where they need to be.

If you are willing to post the file I would be happy to take a look and try to confirm this for you. If you don’t feel like posting the file thats fine too. I am willing to answer any questions you might have and help you work through this.

Is the whole house built from loose geometry or only the roof?
Is the model scale 1:1?
Do you use the orbit tool a lot or only in the video?

Not sure the definition of loose geometry…
started with an autocad import of 2D plan only and built from there.
model scale is 1:1 I think-


not comfortable posting a file of client project… I make a “fake” one and see if I can replicate and then post.

Thanks to all- I repeat I LOVE this software. [btw anyway to calc a volume? I would love to get my AC companies a volume for certain spaces/zones… ]

You shouldn’t use the orbit tool in this case but make yourself familiar with the middle mouse button, you will save a lot of time this way!

Create a group (or component for repeatedly used parts) for solid objects and the volume will be shown in the entity info window.

From your pics it almost certain the auto folds you are showing are a result of errors created by you. It is also seems you think hiding the entity helps in some way.
Unlike cad programs SU uses groups and components to isolate geometry. Layers are used for visibility control.
Spend some time and create component’s for all you major entities and then use layers to hide " clutter" while you model and make max use of the inference engine so you do not create the same of problems within the " isolated " geometry.
You could consider making the model available to one of the sages on a private basis and they will help you clean up the mess you have.