Help Removing Lines and Filling In

Hey All!

I am using SketchUp Web version.

I am trying to fill in these shapes so I can create my own to put on this dial, but I am not really sure how to go about doing that. Any suggestions?

You will need to post your model file here to get relevant advice to your situation. Go to the hamburger menu in the upper left and choose download to get the file onto your computer, then drop it into a reply window.

From what I can see in the image, it would be much easier to start over with a fresh model than to modify what you have.

Arrows_and_Symbols_Word_Lock_Dial.stl (117.8 KB)

I should add, I didn’t create this model. I am not that advanced yet, but it’s exactly what I need just with different shapes.

What you posted is not a Sketchup file, this is a .STL file which is a triangulated format. When you import the file into SketchUp all of the surface lines are an artifact of the process. You could manually erase these lines as the surfaces are coplanar and the lines are not needed.

I think this would be easiest to model over from scratch. Alternatively you could erase all the extra lines in the horizontal surfaces, then copy paste that surface out and push pull it into the right size.

This geometry is tiny, SketchUp can have problems with very small geometry. I would recommend scaling this up by x1000 and working in meters treating them as MM. If you are 3D printing from an .STL file the units do matter anyway.


With just two surfaces cleaned up you can recreate the whole shape. While also taking out the unwanted shapes around the edges in the process. (1)

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When you import STL you can choose to merge coplanar faces. Would that have saved some clean up time?

I did not see this option in the SketchUp Free dialogue, where is that? I was trying to use the same version as the OP so the process would work for them as well.

Good point, I wondered about that. I have requested that the web version should have that option!