Quick Fix for Not-Quite Perpendicular Faces?

I’m new to SketchUp and have been building out a model for my new apartment. Unfortunately, I seem to have gone wrong somewhere, and two of the faces on my model, making up the largest exterior wall of the apartment, aren’t perpendicular (I think). This has made it nearly impossible to use the Push/Pull tool to remove a section of the wall for the window. Does anyone know of a quick way to fix this? I’ve tried applying CleanUp to each of my groups, but to no avail.

Unfortunately this is a mistake of my own making - I assumed SketchUp would be similar to other modelling programs I’ve used, and rushed the learning process. If starting from scratch is the only option left, I’ll gracefully take that lesson as well.

The wall in question is the right wall in the Top Standard View.

435 Washington Floor Plan.skp (125.5 KB)

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I have to say your model is a bit of a mess, you have mixed raw geometry on different Tags/Layers. You should only tag groups or components, not the geometry within those groups.
You have grouped some ‘walls’ without their end or sides, the low gray one for example. This also has reversed faces, you should only see white faces, they are the front, the gray/blue is the back face and should be inside the walls.

As to fixing your crooked wall issue, you can fiddle about trying to move it or draw a new edge etc, but one of the simplest options is to replace the lot as it’s all one group.
In the gif I triple click to select all connected geometry, then shift double click to deselect the top face and it’s edges, then erase, then draw in one edge to create the face to make it easy to delete the edges. Once I have the face a double click selects it and it’s edges and delete, then use offset to redo the wall thickness. This has the added benefit of fixing the extra thick walls at the far end, unless they were deliberate.
Took far longer to write this that to do it.Re do wall

You might want to run through the Campus.
And read up on Tags.

Hey, totally off topic, but how are you rotating the model in this gif? Are there hot keys that I don’t know about?

Middle mousebutton is Orbit…

Well yeah, that’s my primary mode of getting around a model; but see how their mouse is moving freely while the model is still in motion? Also, their cursor doesn’t change to the orbit tool.

I guess he have one of these: https://www.3dconnexion.com/index.php?id=400&redirect2=www.3dconnexion.com

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I’m 99% sure he is indeed using a Space Navigator from 3DConnexion.

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Nothing as fancy as a Navigator, just the basic wired Spacemouse from the link @dezmo posted.

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Amazing, thank you so much! Particularly for the resources to learn more - maybe I’ll end up re-doing it anyway, but doing it right this time.