Join two gapped misaligned walls in a component/group

I am new to sketchup and how its all concepts work but I am practicing a house which I saw in a tutorial, I did exactly same as in video he does but here I am stuck, I am unable to join two walls, if I push/pull or scale or move all the connected faces also move (edit in component is active)

My project file is:
house practice.skp (220.8 KB)

hello, that’s because the wall is not straight at right hand side of the opening. draw a line along green axe from a corner to the opposite one, you’ll notice the wall is bending towards the exterior. Also, if you tick edit > hidden geometry, you’ll see a doted line that gives you a clue about the fact the wall is not plane.

When you push pull a face, it goes perpendicular to it, that is why you have troubles joining the two parts, they’re not parallel

Thank you for reply
Yes it is not parallel to the surface I am pulling to but what is the solution to correct it? Actually I had same type of problem (some other portion) in my 1st attempt of making this project, then I did all from the start but again somehow I made the same mistake. I am building this design by drawing lines on a layout picture of a house I found on some website

there are several solutions to avoid this. I guess it happens everytime you make an attempt because you simply draw over the picture without giving precise dimensions. In that case, closing the building limits without having given the same dimension on each side will give you non perpendicular faces.

You can enter the dimensions and hit enter after starting to draw a line or lock on axes or a direction pressing shift (to maintain the direction) or keyboard arrows (for axes) and go get a reference point while locking.

ok got it. Thank you

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