How to erase a line..without trouble

i have work with pro6 for years but now with pro16 i cannot erase a ligne i just did,without this pot up window…"your ligne interfère with an hotte…bla bal bal and i cannot just erase it …the ligne highlight in blue but …dont disapear…

I can’t follow what you’ve written. Could you upload the SKP file so we can see what you are trying to erase?

thés DAVE…thks!
when I draw a line on my project…i immediatly have a message telling me that my new geometry will interfère with a hidden one. This is already annoying as i need to close this window before been able to continue my line on my project.
Then, when I want to erase a line, the line light raised in blue but. does not disappear

i need to click many time ,

Again, I ask, please share a SketchUp file that illustrates this.

If you draw a line that crosses other geometry that is hidden, you will get that message. If you don’t want that to happen, you could group the geometry before hiding it.

it appears you are using Layers and Hiding incorrectly for SU…

can you upload the skp file?

sorry i just get in this forum .i never been on any before…i don’t know how to upload!
let me look again how to do it

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