Bugreport - Deleted lines stay selected



Today I installed the latest version of Sketchup Pro 2015 (Windows 7), and in a model i wanted to delete some lines. I selected the lines, pressed delete on my keyboard. However, nothing disappeared, while it should. I could not get the selection deselected, so the lines stayed visible and highlighted in blue.

The only option is to select all (ctrl+A) and then deselect all (ctrl+T). Then the lines are deselected, and thereby no longer visible (neither in blue, nor in black).

Seems like a bug to me, never had it before and I’m not doing anything wrong as far as I know.



Check that your graphics driver is up to date. Bugged drivers can have the nasty behavior to draw one frame delayed, so after a change of the view the frame before the change is drawn, after second change, the previous is drawn etc.


Hi Niek,
This does happen when there are two lines occupying the same place. but one is on a different layer that is hidden . It will not let you erase it .



Phil makes a good point.
Misuse of SketchUp Layers can cause some weird behavior.
Use the Select tool and Entity Info (expanded) to investigate the model.