Can't delete surface and lines

Hi everyone!!!
I’m a new user. I make an interior design for one house. I don’t know how but now one of the surfaces it’s not active at all. I. tried everything what I know to fix it but still nothing. I can’t select it and I can’t delete it. I deleted all of the surfaces and lines around it to check if there is something hidden but it wasn’t this the problem. Now is just one rectangle which can’t be select, delete, move… noting. I will be appreciate for your help. Thank you :))

Can you upload the sketchup file here? Drag and drop it into the reply window.

If you can share the model that will make it a lot easier to diagnose. Use the folder icon at the top and the download item to save it to your desktop. Then you can drag it into the edit window here.

Yes, of course. I don’t know how to do that :slight_smile:

directions above

Uploading: Sebastian kitchen with problem surface 2.2.skp…

Wait until the upload completes before you press the reply button

I’m trying but there is something wrong. It’s uploading from long time.

How large is the file?

The file is 85 MB

That’s too big to upload directly to the forum. Put it on a file-sharing site such as DropBox or whatever you prefer, make it public, and then share the link to it here.

Hello guys. You can download it here. I’m very curious what is the problem :slight_smile:

Exit “Edit Group”

You should start from here:

Learn about Faces, Groups and Components.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: I deleted it successfully but I’ve just checked all of my surfaces and lines and I still have a line which l can’t delete in my kitchen.

![Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 4.11.13 PM|690x412]


As before, track down what context (model, group, component) owns that edge. Open the context and then you can edit out the edge.

Yes, I did it. Thank you. It was very helpful :slight_smile:

Some suggestions to help you model easier:

You have some entities in your model that have relatively high edge and face counts yet are really decoration not essential to the model. Though not as severe as in some models we see, these are slowing down SketchUp’s handling of your model. You should consider delaying adding such things until the crucial elements of the model are fully built, viewing them as needed only when you are ready to present an attractive rendering.

The main culprits in your model are:

  • Fruits in kitchen islant
  • Sink all components
  • Kitchen high chairs

Second, consider using tags to control visibility of model aspects that are not of current interest rather than spreading them out in space. Always model things “in place”. That makes it easier to assure correct matching of position and size because you can use inferences and alignment with adjacent groups and components.

Third, your model contains a lot of unused items such as components and materials. If you import things into the model from the 3DWarehouse and then delete them from the model view, they still remain in the model’s database in case you change your mind. They come to bloat the model and make it awkward to work with. I ran purge on it and it reduced from 85MB to 32MB. In the online version, there is a little recycle icon Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.00.50 AM at the bottom of crucial panels that open from the icons at the right edge of the window (especially components and materials). Click this to purge the ones you are not actively using or planning to use in the immediate future.