My work gets deleted when I select it

I have been having been working on a badge and it’s been fine the last few days, however, when I opened it up this morning everything I select gets instantly deleted and if I use any other tool like the move tool it deletes the object just by hovering over them.

I am very new to sketchup. so I’m not sure it’s a feature I’ve accidentally pressed or a bug. Resetting the app doesn’t fix the problem.

Could the delete button on your keyboard be broken? Do you see the same deletion in other programs?

I’ve checked using a mark pass keyboard test and it says my delete key is fine and no its doesn’t affect any other programs.
Also every so often it fixes itself but then a few minutes later breaks again. I haven’t touched anything in particular that could be causing it to break or fix it.

What operating system? What graphics card? You have completed your profile with nonsense answers.

What browser?

Windows 10, don’t know and google chrome. Its a laptop I’m using.
I also cant pan with my mouse either, whenever I hit shift it flicks on to the zoom window tool. not sure if that helps

These sound like browser problems. Is Chrome up to date?

Yeah, could any extensions like add blocker affect it?

I suppose they might affect it. You could turn them off and see what happens. Clearly something is commandeering key presses. Have you tried a cold reboot of the computer?

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