Issue with kb shortcuts, keys deleting faces, objects

Hello, I’ve been privately using Sketchup for a few years now, mostly the web based solution. Yesterday I loaded up a simple model I had worked on before the Corona deal and was met with issues I have never seen before.
For example: CTRL + C doesn’t copy object_xy, but it selects EVERYTHING inside the project. Whenever I mark a face of a cube, cylinder or whatever to increase or decrease its measurement via keyboard input, it simply deletes this face as soon as I press a number key. As a matter of fact it doesn’t make a difference if I press 1, DEL, ESC, SPACE, h, . or any key, it always deletes faces or selected objects. I’ve already used the option to cancel all custom shortcuts, but that did not help at all.
I’m going crazy because I can’t work like this. :frowning:

Please help.

Did you use Microsoft Edge browser for SketchUp Free (web)?

Yea, I’m using Edge at work (Microsoft Edge 44.17763.831.0). Can’t change that. Oh well, thank you for the swift help.

I was helping someone the other day who also was not allowed to change their version of Edge, but they were allowed to use Chrome. Can you use Chrome?

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