Can't Copy & Esc deletes (Win10)

Hi, Returned to SketchUp after some years away and I have a real problem using SketchUp Web.

  1. When I press “Cntl” it selects everything in the model, Objects, Guides, the lot. So Copy is out, Multiple select is out.
  2. When I press “Shift” it activates the Zoom Window function.
  3. If I have anything selected and press “Esc”, it gets deleted.

Using MS Edge on Win10

Is it just me?


What browser are you using? There are known issues with all but the most recent update of Edge causing wrong handling of input events. Try chrome and see if that works better.

In your three statements you talked about pressing something, but didn’t say what it was you pressed.

Some of what you describe could happen if there is a key that is stuck. You could open Windows’ On-Screen Keyboard, then click on a key that had been giving you problems, see if that works, but also look to see if any other keys show that they are being pressed.

Sorry, I put the key names in brackets which were interpreted as commands! OP now corrected.
Unfortunately I’m using locked down work PC so no Chrome. I’ll update Edge version tomorrow.